TMG Digital Hub

Location : Alam Sutera, Banten, Indonesia

Type: Showroom, cafe, co-working space, office

Site Area : 3.233 sqm

Gross Floor Area : 7.901 sqm

Height : +22.7 m

Trimitra Showroom is designed to become a new icon in Alam Sutera through its unique iconic form and spatial programs to give a strong impression both to passerby and visitors. It is a mixed-use development project that comprises of programs such as showroom display area, cafe, coworking spaces, and offices. The contemporary architectural style and the use of natural lighting and open space are dynamic and ephemeral tools for expressing the quality of space through the interpretation of the company and clients’ values.

The main concept is inspired from Trimitra’s product specialty, the solid wood furniture. The initial research development of the project started from the analogy of growth ring on wood. The overall form of the building is derived from playful mixing of different slices of solid woods and arranging them based on the proportion of each slice according to the spaces’ relationship with sunlight and circulation.  This results in bringing natural daylight in through big openings and allowing air circulation to flow through big central voids.