Singkawang Cultural Center

Location: Singkawang, West Borneo
Phase: Completed
Type: Cultural and art
Year: 2017


Singkawang cultural center is located at the city center, a prime location to be the headquarter office and gathering and event area. It is a space aims to strengthen the bond between people of the community through engagement with arts and cultural activities. It is a place of gather to express elements of Singkawang heritage through the architectural design of the building, the local cuisine, performing arts, and visual arts in the display within the building. Singkawang cultural center can be a meeting point in small communities where people come together to preserve tradition and develop cultural activities.

The concept behind this project is to combine between the old and new building and find the equilibrium of the two sides in an architectural context. Beyond the architectural language lies political, cultural, and economic issues that will inherently be affected by the hybrid intervention of new to old.

The main material used in this project is Singkawang brick as a form of locally produced material. Brick is a sustainable material, being made by left-over of clays from ceramic and pottery. It has been around for long, yet there is minimal exposure to the industry and supports given to the production of local bricks. There is a potential found in developing Singkawang’s architectural trademark through bricks.