IA House


Location: Kemanggisan, West Jakarta

Site Area: 470 sqm

Gross Floor Area: 656,8 sqm


The house is originally an existing living house that extended to the land next to its house. Originated from the owner’s wish for a new house with a simple & modern yet comfortable design concept. With careful considerations and design thinking in the process, a simple geometric mass shape was chosen and detailed in such a way with many interesting elements. Such as the use of wood-concrete with the line of steel for the façade.

The space that is considered to be prioritized in this house is the kitchen which would be used as a shooting area for video content. The space in the kitchen has a larger space for shooting equipment. The kitchen has large openings connected to the swimming pool to bring an outdoor sense and natural light. The kitchen is also connected with the dining room and living room as a semi-public space. Large openings at the side with sliding doors are applied to this area to be able to interact with the patio on the outside. The dining room and living room area are designed with a void to make it more spacious. The Master bedroom at the first level is made more private that has its own backyard which is directly connected to the whirlpool area and swimming pool.

At the second level of the house, the space is designed to be more private. There is a living room, reading area, and mini pantry. At the third level, there is hall space which would be used as a venue for any occasion as the owner’s wish. The hall is directly connected to the roof garden that could be used as an extended venue.