TBA Office

Location: Kemanggisan, West Jakarta

Site Area / Gross Floor Area: 394,4 sqm / 1240 sqm

Phase: Built 2020

Inspired by the modern industrial design, the home for a multinational creative brand activation agency, Pico Office showcases a holistic approach in the architecture, interior, and landscape, resulting in a unique, compact, and functional space that improves the user experience within.

The challenge lies in how the design can facilitate the parking area, office, coworking space, cafe, meeting room, and rooftop garden all within the 400 sqm site area and with a tight construction schedule as they have to move in as soon as possible. The solution for the architecture is expressed through a four and a half steel structure which divided into several functions based on activity and accessibility. While the ground floor maximized for the parking area and utility system, the building conceived as a floating volume amongst a continuous landscape plane, exhibiting serenity and simplicity.

The vertical circulation is placed in such a way as to maximizing space on each level. To create privacy, the building façade is designed with lattice elements and solid planes, while the side of the building is given wide openings to maximize natural light on each floor.

The creative and innovative spirit of the agency is presented in the interior by integrating visual connectivity throughout the interior layout, enhancing clear communication within staff teamwork and collaboration. A warm industrial ambiance filled the space from wooden elements mixed with concrete floor and steel exposed structure while the exposed plafond exhibited a utility system floating through space effectively.

With the main development set in the urban area of Jakarta city, Pico Office is designed to evoke the spirit of innovation and collaboration under its roof. Accentuated with thoughtful design details, the project strives to set a new standard for contemporary urban space within the city.