Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
Type: Office, Education
Phase: Completed 2009-2010
Site area: 248.5 sqm
Gross floor area: 490 sqm
Building height: 4 levels


This project consists of office spaces and training classes, including a small cafeteria which in a small site area. It is located at the corner of a narrow road, facing the railway. The appearance of this building has a unique attraction in comparison to its surrounding, where its position is in a straight row of two to three stories height of similar buildings in the area. The initial idea came from cubical shape and the final form evolved based on efficiency and functional plan, considering abstraction and subtraction formation. The façade’s materials (exposed bricks and concrete, rusty iron) composed patterns and texture to the building’s skin, that contributing to the unique design.

The façade is treated as ‘secondary skin’ which has the function to reduce the direct heat from outside. The opening design allows natural wind flows through the small holes constructed from the bricks combination, circulates the air inside the building. The brick wall has particular design for some areas that is intended as glass windows, to allow natural light and wind to enter the room and thus creating an ambience or light pattern in the interior. As well as interior, the same idea is applied to the partition and furniture, using natural and eco-friendly processed rubber wood as one of the main materials.