Arengka Marketplace

Location : Pekanbaru, Riau

Type : Shopping Center, Hotel

Site Area / Gross Floor Area: 5.072 sqm / 29.553 sqm

Phase: Design 2018

Arengka Marketplace is a mixed-used low rise building project. The program of the building is distributed in 3 levels and 1 semi-basement. At the access ground floor and first floor, it contains F&B, retail, and mid plaza. Semi-basement is made up of a parking area, while the top floor, contains a 3-stars hotel. The proposed material used in this building is red bricks and steel. To further express the mechanical beauty, a couple of row of a pitched roof with the steel structure is exposed on the exterior. The material is also focused on the use of red bricks; emphasizing locally produced materials in West Kalimantan.