Oak Tree Hotel

Oak Tree Hotel located on a contour hills area with view facing directly to a valley and city. Because of its strategic location, it is suitable for a concept of a resort hotel. The site has a steep hills contour with a very long and narrow L-shaped site. Thus, in order to meet the program’s requirements, we must use cut and fill system to get extra spaces. However, some part of the hill was left as it is used as internal view from the corridor. Following the L-shaped site, the mass of the building is spread into three masses with each program; hotel building, club house building, and parking area.

The hotel is made up of a 141 hotel rooms and 21 rooms for long stay apartment. There are a swimming pool facility, spa, gym, lounge bar, restaurant, chapel, meeting rooms, and ballroom at club house area. The hotel building has 11 floors and 3 floors of club house building. Hotel and club house are connected by a corridor.

The building has open air corridors concept with vines along it so the building can unite with the natural surroundings. Concrete and cement exposed are used for material on the façade so that the building can be made faster with lower cost as this project has a tight budget. The room’s configuration is designed to maximize views to the hill and valley while bringing nature into the room. The concept of interior design is modern and natural which can be seen from the use of wood and natural stone as material. As part of the resort hotel concept we tried to maximize natural sunlight and cross air ventilation with open corridor (single loaded) combined with balconies in each rooms.