Harris Hotel Pontianak

Location: Pontianak, West Borneo
Type: hotel, ballroom, specialties Store
Site area: 1,809 sqm
Gross floor area: 15,000 sqm
Building height: 15 floors

Phase: Built 2013-2015

This hotel is located in the main business street of Pontianak city center and at a very strategic location in the main crossroad which can be seen from three directions of streets.

Initially, the owner has run a restaurant business and specialties store at this site. Therefore, he would like to have his businesses to be included in the new development. As to accommodate lots of different plans, the design becomes very compact. This project has parking area, specialties store, restaurant and hotel, ballroom, meeting rooms, swimming pool and roof-top cafe.

The design of the Harris Hotel represents the old custom of local people such as planting in pots and display them at the shop-house’ balconies. Shop-housing is very popular in the local Chinese community, especially in the city center. Thus they do not have space for greenery. In order to have plants and flowers, they display them at the balconies. This custom has been disappearing nowadays.