Golden Tulip Hotel

Location: Pontianak, West Borneo
Type: hotel, ballroom, restaurant
Phase : Completed 2013-2014
Site area: 2510 sqm
Gross floor area: 14,850 sqm
Building height: 70 m

Golden Tulip Hotel Pontianak is located near the city center and an existing business complex. Even though this area is very busy in the daytime, it is quiet and dark in the night due to lack of lamps along the street.

The building is divided into two blocks, connecting a podium to maximize the space for room’s configuration and views. As well as avoiding the bulkiness of the mass. The gap between two blocks is used as a space to bring the sunlight into rooms and allows for natural ventilation. All room’s corridors can be penetrated by the daylight.

This hotel is designed to accustom with the local lifestyle. Places such as cafes/ coffee shops and restaurants have become popular hang outs. The locals love to hang out in kopitiam- traditional coffee shops, located along the roadside. A typical sight to be seen every night in the city. To accommodate such a lifestyle, two public spaces are injected into the hotel on different levels; semi outdoor restaurant on the first floor and semi-outdoor cafe area with swimming pool and playground on the fourth floor. The lobby is in the first floor with the semi outdoor cafe and dining area facing the street in order to create a connection with it. The intention of placing the pool in the middle horizontal area of the building is to offer a shade from the direct sunlight of Equator. Thus, has become a favourite space for visitors. The void on top brings sky view to the pool area without getting direct sunlight and allows natural cross air ventilation.

The facade for the ballroom is inspired by diamond idea as West Borneo is famous for the mining. It is designed and constructed with 98 steel frames and 900 pieces of triangular aluminium panels which partially are able to shine during night time or when there’s event in the ballroom. Beside the aesthetic part, the lights on the triangular panel help to add light on the street. With the illuminated facade and as a new accessible public space, Golden Tulip Hotel has became the catalyst in creating a lively street.