Aston Imperial Hotel

Location: Bekasi, Indonesia
Type: hotel and ballroom
Phase : Completed 2012-2014
Site area: 4445 sqm
Gross floor area: 13,830 sqm
Building height: 56 m

Aston Imperial Hotel is a design infill project in Bekasi Cyber Park Mall Area. The new hotel building is next to the existing mall. To achieve a design unity, the façade of mall is planned to be redesign too. The challenge is to design and build on a very long-narrow site which every centimetre is counted for efficiency of the available space.

The longest side of the building is oriented facing north and south, so the heat of the sun is not hitting the rooms’ interior directly. Glass material is used widely for the façade as the source of natural daylight.

This four star hotel provides facilities for guests such as swimming pool, ballroom and meeting room to complete its operated mall. The swimming pool is located on the rooftop with sunset and city view.