Stella Gracia School

Location: Pekanbaru, Riau, Indonesia
Type: School
Phase: Completed 2013-2015
Site area: 22810 sqm
Gross Floor Area: 7108 sqm

Built 2013-2015

This project is located in Pekanbaru, will be developed as an education area. It consists of primary school, secondary and high school; indoor sports facility and international size football field.
School is the basic foundation in shaping a children’s characteristic, such as academics and social life. This basic foundation is similar to the tree concept, our inspiration in designing this school. To grow into a big and strong tree, it is important to have a strong foundation or root. Therefore, the school is designed to provide a comfortable and fun learning process as its foundation.

The climate problem in Pekanbaru becomes one of our considerations. With strong heat from the sun, it is important to keep the temperature cool inside the building. In order to achieve thermal comfort, we divide the mass of the school and placing the windows based on the sun’s direction and intensity. It is similar to the leaves function on a tree. We also reduce the wall opening and using skylight to optimize the natural light

The first phase of this project is the primary school, targeting to finish in 2015. The design concept is to create a comfortable environment, allowing students to explore. Ramp and decking at the school provide an indoor-outdoor concept that creates public spaces which can be used as social and playground for children. We also tried to increase the students’ social skill and curiosity by playing with the circulation and landscape.