Reconciliation Chapel

Location: Brastagi, North Sumatera
Phase: Built 2014
Type: Chapel
Site Area: 1300 sqm
GFA: 136 sqm
Floor: 1

Chapel is an extension of a building that provides a place dedicated to Religious activity. As a mediator between human and God, the chapel will provide a more intimate atmosphere between humans and God, with the scale of smaller building. At Taman Rekreasi Cinta Alam, with the natural environment, this chapel is made to connect human and God with natural intermediaries. Through nature, human can hear and see the greatness of God’s creation.

Small Chapel is located at the bottom of the Taman Rekreasi Cinta Alam, is the main entry point for pilgrims before entering the crossroad leading to the main chapel. This small chapel can also be used for pilgrims who do not have much time to go to the main chapel or the elderly with limited mobility access.

Located on a site surrounded by trees and rivers, this small chapel is created with the concept of making use of nature as part of the space within the chapel. At the same time, this chapel intervenes as little as possible to nature, so as not to damage it.