Pasar Hongkong: Food & Art District

Pasar Hongkong is a district located in Setiabudi Street area, Singkawang. It’s named Pasar Hongkong because of its similarities with Hongkong ambience, either because the district dominated by Tionghoa ethnicity or the goods that’s been traded and typical Tionghoa (Chinese) cuisine that’s been offered. As one of the potential cultural destination in Singkawang, Pasar Hongkong needs to be developed further in response of a program that promote Singkawang as a cultural tourist destination in the future. The proposed design stressing on the quality of pedestrian (walkability), adaptability of space, and place making towards the city space that has been treated yet. Then supported by main programs; for instance local culinary experience and art. Art becomes important because it can increase emotional connection towards the city space (place making) and evoking memories of space. In addition, it also offers the tourists variety of experience by taking photographs. Art is involved in various elements of design such as street furniture, hanging decorative elements, art installations, wall & floor mural, combined with Singkawang brick material and different trees species in each block.