Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo Community Center & Workshop

Location : Flores, NTT, Indonesia

Type : Community center, workshop

Site Area : 3700 sqm

The community center design considers its users, the deaf and the visually impaired who will do their activities such as joining craft classes, workshops, sports, libraries, and others. The principle is this place does not want to keep the deaf and blind from the environment, but want to bring closer relationships with each other. Openness to wall and roof elements is one way to unite the interior with natural elements outside, as natural elements such as greening, water and soil help the deaf and blind people to stimulate the senses in their bodies, both psychologically and physically.

Natural lighting and natural exposure to existing spaces spur the interaction between users and nature, so they feel psychologically relaxed in the middle of this public space, and can help them to distinguish the difference between the inner and outer space.

The circulation of space in this place is made simply so that users will have no difficulty in directing their orientation towards space and buildings. This is an important element in the design of this community center, and it is expected that this place can enliven the interaction between the blind, deaf, community, and nature.