Bajo Disability Training Center

Bajo Disability Training Center

Location : Flores, NTT, Indonesia

Type : Community center, workshops, classrooms

Site Area : 3700 sqm

The Bajo Disability Training Center will act as a bridge between people with visual impairments and deaf disabilities and the community through the provision of employment and housing. The Bajo Disability Training Center also functions as a communication intermediary between the community and people with visual and deaf disabilities to collaborate on work.

Training, Production, and Classrooms
Workshop, production facilities and classrooms at the Bajo Disability Training Center were built to train and hone the skills of blind and deaf people, so that in the future they can work to support themselves and are needed by the community. The workshop and production facilities available are training in beauty salons, making candles, sewing, furniture making, batik, weaving, making sandals, screen printing, making braille books, massage reflection, music, planting flowers, vegetables and organic fruit.

This facility is also open to visitors who want to help blind and deaf people with disabilities to develop, namely by providing voluntary assistance in the classrooms that have been provided. In addition, volunteer mentors / tutors can also practice hard skills from blind and deaf disabilities.

The skills of people with disabilities can also be honed with the presence of library facilities, IT centers, and gift shops, where they can be trained to use technology and develop creativity via the internet.