Tugu Khatulistiwa

2nd Winner for Equator Monument Redesign Competition

Location: Pontianak, West Borneo,
Type: Equator Monument, museum, gallery


“Taman Tugu Khatulistiwa” was one of Equator Monument Design Competition” winner in Pontianak. The competition was held by the local government in 2013 to redesign the existing monument and increase the tourism potential in Pontianak. Furthermore, they also need to expand the building in order to facilitate the annual events.

The monument is divided into three parts: base, roof top and viewing deck. The main programs (museum, gallery, science center, souvenir shop) take place on the base area. Each room has its own columns and roof above. By doing this, allowing natural light and wind to come into the room but can minimize direct light. Roof top can be used as public meeting place. Viewing deck can be accessed from elevator and stair from this place.

As for the landscape, it was designed for car free zone. Everyone who comes must park their vehicles at the parking lots. In this park, there is new equator position point. We design a passage that divides the park into two part, The North and South Park in order to connect it with the old position. North Park is the commercial area (restaurant, handicraft and souvenir shop, commercial passage). South park more like public space, managed by government and free access area (fishing deck, fountain, children playground, history park, roller skateboard park, etc).