Orange Shelter

Shortlisted at WAF 2015 Future Building

Location: Pontianak, West Borneo, Indonesia
Type: River Transport Hub


Around 1970, Kapuas River was dominated by floating market which acts as the main factor for economic growth. People in West Borneo depend on boats as the main transportation which provide them accessibility to other places such as traditional market and their working places. These day, people relies more on land transportation, especially motorcycle. The waterway turns to be sewer line. Only few people still use the water transportation. In order to revitalize the rivers’ function, we need a medium which acts as a hub to deliver people, goods and also information. The city already has its traditional “sampan” (little boat or kayak) and market, the only thing we need is something that acts as the “Agents of Change” to improve the river’s landscape conditions and the communities around it.