MH17 Memorial Park

MH 17-Memorial Monument and Park Competition

Location: Netherland
Year: 2014
Type: Museum and memorial

The idea behind the memorial park is an island’s shape, inspired by the wing of Boeing 777-200ER (MH-17 plane). We separated the island into two parts, the park and the memorial area. The Memorial area is to represent the tragedy event in the past and the Park are is the representation and celebration of present and future. The Park is a place where everyday life, laughter, joy and optimism are celebrated. While the Memorial area is filled with nostalgic memory of the event in the past. People come to remember, honouring and to get understanding of the tragedy in order to learn and embrace better life in the future.

The Memorial’s shape resembles a runway of aeroplane, to represent an imaginary space where to releasing the victims to a much better place. It forms a slanted triangle, pointing upwards to the sky and made of black glossy granite to reflect the sky. The surface will be carved the names of the victims and is used to bring light into the museum area below. In each of these names, there will be a granite pole with pedestal and a glass box on top storing victims’ private belongings. The families of the victims will be asked to give the victims’ belongings as a sign of remembrance and letting go. Those boxes shine at night and appear to be floating into the sky.