Manta Point Skywalk

Location : Nusa Penida, Bali

Phase : Design

Type : Leisure

Year : 2017

Manta Point Skywalk is located on the southwest corner of Nusa Penida, an island southeast of Bali, Indonesia.Nusa Penida island is a hidden gem with unexplored natural inland and coastal marine habitat. Elevated 150 metres above sea level and overlooking the vast Indian Ocean, Manta Point in particular will be the next ideal tourist destination in Nusa Penida Island. It is an ecotourism prime spot for divers, a place to enjoy diversed marine ecosystem and encounter manta rays, a huge marine creature that can grow up to 4 meters wide. Manta Rays are one of the rare marine animals on earth, which nowadays divers or marine life lovers are trying to protect from illegal fishing practices.

With a view overlooking the Indian Ocean, Manta Point Skywalk is a loop bridge overhanging on the edge of Manta Point cliff. The aim is to create an architectural iconic form that will allow visitors to enjoy the beautiful coast and enjoy the sight of manta rays below them. The distinct design of the skywalks derived from the local organic marine animal, Manta Rays. The studies of manta rays locomotion and movements become the base of the design through its proportion. The manta ray form serves as a design derivative as well as supportive structure for the skywalk. Thus, the distinctive characteristic of Nusa Penida is reflected through Manta Point Skywalk, allowing people to recognize the beauty of Nusa Penida through its architecture.

Manta Point Skywalk stresses the importance of site-specific factors to achieve a sense of place both in spatial and social terms. The complex ties that bind people to place arise through interaction with the distinct elements of place, which combine to give a place its individual identity. The use of local idiosyncratic element in Nusa Penida, the Manta Ray, as a design inspiration brings meaninful purpose and increase the sense of attachment in space. Therefore, Manta Point Skywalk is an architectural physical manifestation of counteracting alienation and homogeneity in a globalised world through adding character to a place.