Ibukota Negara

Location: Penajam Paser Utara, East Kalimantan, Indonesia
Type: Capital City
Phase: Design
Area: 180.000 Hectare

The New National Capital of Indonesia will become a reference for all cities in Indonesia by implementing smart and wise solutions in its urban planning, especially the Central Government Core Area (KIPP). The focus of city planning is on the sustainability, health, and comfort of the environment by using linear and radial city forms. Smart urban solutions will increase the level of welfare, health, security, and attractiveness of the city.

The formation of the National Capital Region is based on the linear and radial shape which is arranged to resemble the silhouette of the Indonesian State Symbol, the Garuda Bird complete with its Pancasila shield as a city square. From the Pancasila shield symbol, the National Capital region is divided into 5 regions separated by the main road and connecting 3 development areas. The concentration of the development of the city is also in accordance with the order of the 5 precepts of Pancasila.

The comforts of the Pedestrian are prioritizing where pedestrian access is integrated with bicycle lanes, highways, zebra crossing, bus stop areas, shuttle bus lines and green areas for shade plants on the road. The concept of a commercial corridor was applied by placing the building 3-6 floors in the first layer, with commercial at ground level. Then on the inside, it functions as a green open area or public area that can be accessed easily through layers of buildings one and two. The application of urban space like this will create a human scale that is comfortable for the people to do activities and increase their sense on the environment and city space