Pine Cone of Royal Safari Garden

Location: Cisarua, Bogor
Phase: Built 2015 – 2018
Type: al fresco, restaurant, retail


Located near one of traveling spot at Taman Safari Puncak, Pine Cone of Royal Safari Garden is redesigned to create an environment which using a wild animal as one of the visitor attraction. It is designed to create a natural environment and get a unique experience with the animals such as tiger birds, and others. This project is part of a master plan for the hotel, meeting, and outbound activities area. It is also a place for a small zoo and pine tree conservation area. However, the surrounding neighborhood has grown very dense and leaves no free space from the street, thus, the proposed masses design of the main building creates a distance between the main road so landscape and greenery can be inserted in-between. The facade of the main building is constructed by wooden frames, combined with local traditional rattan panels and glass panels for protection from rain and heat. It allows natural ventilation and lighting to flow freely into the interior. The interior materials use local and natural materials, such as wood, stone, rattan, and bamboo.