Mall of Borneo

Location: Pontianak, West Borneo, Indonesia
Type: Shopping Centre, Hotel, Business Park, Theme Park, City Walk
Site Area: 58,000 sqm
Gross Floor Area: 230,000 sqm
Building Height: 41 m

This project is located on Arteri Supadio Km12 Road, which lies between the airport and city centre, also on the intersection of Trans Kalimantan Road, which leads to Kuching (Malaysia). This area is expanding as a new business area and neighbourhood. This mixed-used complex consists of mall, business park, four-star hotel and apartment. The mall will be a landmark and is going to be the biggest one in West Borneo after its completion.

The architectural concept of this building originated from Kapuas River itself, which is the most famous river in Borneo. From the river, we took the notion of water and boat as the main inspiration source to be implemented in the building’s facade. The lower part of the mall’s facade is designed with curvy waves of skeletal object to resemble the water waves of Kapuas river. It also acts as shields for the sun coming from west, aimed to reduce direct heat from the sun and eventually lowering the air conditioning power consumption. The shape of the hotel section on top of the mall, derived from the shape of “Bandung Boat” which is the an indigenous house-boat along the river.

This project is developed to be “one stop business and entertainment complex”. It has shopping centre, hotel, business-park, theme park, city-walk, movie theatre and outdoor playground. The business park is designed with glasses and aluminium composite panels to give a modern look, integrating into the shopping mall’s design. The theme park will become one of the main attractions for mall’s visitors as Pontianak is lacking for entertainment and recreational space. It will become the new destination of the city. In addition the city-walk, design as an open space for people to hang out. It is equipped with coffee shop, sitting facilities and greenery area. It completes the lifestyle for the locals to hangout and drinking coffee culture.