Geulis Premium Outlet

Type: Premium Outlet
Location: KM 88A – Purwakarta
Site Area & Gross Floor Area: 26,413 sqm & 14,704 sqm



Geulis Premium Outlet is located at Rest Area KM88 A at Purbaleunyi Toll Road towards Bandung. The main goal of this development is to activate the rest area itself as it has a huge opportunity to be the next destination due to its ideal location which only takes about an hour and a half to reach from Jakarta and an hour away from Bandung. The condition of the site required the team to do a thorough site analysis in order to minimize the process of cut and field. Hence, the result of this study has led to the formation of two islands of the premium outlet. Geulis Premium Outlet is proposed to have an open concept circulation to allow more outdoor activities apart from the shopping experience. Visitors are also encouraged to explore every single corner of the premises as the premium outlet is designed with multiple entrances which connect from one point to another. The design approach takes careful consideration of building cost and high-end experience. Therefore the final outcome reflects an exclusive aesthetic to enhance the luxurious experience with a minimalist choice of material.