One Batam Mall

Location: Batam, Riau, Indonesia

Type: Shopping center, office, hotel, apartment

Phase: Built

Site Area: 46.000 sqm

Gross Floor Area: 273.402 sqm

Building Height (storeys): 3 (mall), 23 (office tower), 6 (hotel), 30 (apartment tower)

Batam is a city with a very strategic geographical location as it is directly adjacent to neighboring countries like Singapore and Malaysia. Being a part of the International Shipping Lane, Batam has a growing ceremony and rapid infrastructure development as seen through the presence of various commercials and hospitality buildings.

One Batam Mall is a mixed-use building that is built on top of an old existing building and located at the heart of the city. Designed with an open-space concept and careful selection of materials as well as the choice of activities and creative artwork exhibited, the mall accentuates the spirit of locality. Furthermore, the mall’s focal point is the open alfresco area that located between the new and the old buildings. It is designed for relaxation and comfort, taking into account the proportion and natural extension of space in order to make this area a solace common space for families and friends.