PHL Architects Become The Finalists of “Sayembara Desain Kawasan Taman Margasatwa Ragunan”

PHL Architects has nominated as one of the finalists in “Sayembara Desain Kawasan Taman Margasatwa Ragunan”. The concept is “Building Urban Refuge for edge species: A Renewal” where we made a shelter for animals that are evolutionarily extinct with limited relatives and threatened with extinction. In designing masterplan, the team also focusing on the harmony of life between humans and flora and fauna. By prioritizing welfare, animals have a decent environment and under their natural habitat. In the end, Taman Margasatwa Ragunan will become an education center, conservation, and recreation

In designing the master plan, the team considers various things such as maintaining as many existing green areas as possible; dividing the area into zoning according to function; manage access, connectivity, parking; and circulation between visitors and service. All design considerations are made for one purpose which is to create comfort for humans, fauna, and flora



Team Leader
Hendyanto Lim

Architects Team
Patrick Lim
Ferry Ridwan
Joseph Fredrik C.
Jessyfer Owen
Ivanka Desyra S.
David Jeffry N.

Flora & Fauna Specialist Team
Teguh Triono
Edy Sutrisno
Zulius Zulkifli

Branding & Graphic Team
Farida Sani
Cheryl Christy H.
Melina Burhan
Bernadette Febriani S.

Finance Specialist
Kun Theng
Harianto Putra

Multimedia Team
Emma Dominica
Davita Lucky

Transportation Specialist
Roy Wicaksono

Landscape Specialist
Agus Soeriatmadja

Environment Specialist Team
Willy Soegayanto
David Darmawan
Henry Khong