Inauguration of Singkawang Cultural Center

One of our recent cultural projects, Singkawang Cultural Center just inaugurated on December 18, 2017. At the same time, also opened Insight Singkawang 2.0 exhibition which showcase the history and potential of Singkawang City from the past, present and future. The inauguration ceremony of Singkawang Cultural Center was also attended by Governor, Deputy Governor of West Kalimantan and Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Singkawang

Singkawang Cultural Center is a building that promotes the culture and arts in Singkawang. It is a space aims to strengthen the bond between people of the community through engagement with arts and cultural activities. It is a place of gather to express elements of Singkawang heritage through the architectural design of the building, the local cuisne, performing arts, and visual arts in display within the building. Singkawang CUltural Center can be a meeting point in small communities where people come together to preserve tradition and develope cultural activities

New East, Jakarta Garden City has entered the stage of Product Knowledge

Pricipal PHL Architects, Patrick Lim explains New East project in product knowledge event


New East at Jakarta Garden City has delivered the product knowledge event and will be ready for launching in December 2017.

New East at Jakarta Garden city is a mixed used development area that provides apartment and luxuroius shophouse facilities that carries the concept of green belt. This concept is made to increase the number of pedestrians by creating a green area in the middle landscape that will connect various landmarks in the area of Jakarta garden city.

New East at Jakarta Garden City has been published in Kompas Newspaper

One of our latest projects, New East of Jakarta Garden City has been successfully published in several local media both print and digital, where the project of New East at Jakarta Garden City is referred to as a property that’s not just strategic because located in Jakarta, but also a one stop living that carries the concept of green township in order to make the area more lively and comfortable for young families.

New East at Jakarta Garden City is a mixed use development commercial project, which presents apartment and luxurious shophouse in 45,000 meter square where 35% of area is a green area that supported by various supporting facilities such as free wi-fi, live music, etc.


Source :
Kompas Daily Newspaper, Tuesday, 21 November 2017. Page. 11

PHL Architects at World Architecture Festival 2017


PHL Architects is currently participating in the World Architecture Festival 2017 that takes place on the 15-17 November at the Arena Berlin, Germany. WAF is where the world architecture community meets to learn and be inspired. PHL Architects principal, Mr. Hendy Lim, is attending the seminar to present Manta Point Skywalk project.

Manta Point Skywalk is a project located on the southwest corner of Nusa Penida, an island southeast of Bali, Indonesia. With a view overlooking the Indian Ocean, Manta Point Skywalk is a loop bridge overhanging on the edge of Manta Point cliff. The aim is to create an architectural iconic form that will allow visitors to enjoy the beautiful coast and enjoy the sight of manta rays below them.

Singkawang Cultural Center: On Construction

One of our recently project, Singkawang Cultural Center is in a stage of construction and will be open next month. Singkawang Cultural Center is a project that supported by Singkawang mayor, Tjhai Chui Mie with the aim to promote the culture and arts in Singkawang. It is located at the city center, a prime location to headquarters office and gathering and event area.

In construction stage, Singkawang Cultural Center will use Singkawang brick as the secondary skin to improve the look of old facade. This place will become a place to display local cuisine, performing arts, visual arts or even become meeting point in Singkawang.

Groundbreaking Ceremony of Hakka Cultural Center


One of our cultural projects, Hakka Cultural Center, has achieved an exciting milestone this week through a successful groundbreaking ceremony. West Kalimantan’s Vice Governor Cristiandi Sandjaya attended the ceremony.

Hakka Cultural Center functions as a cultural hub for the city in which variety of activities and programs form different layers of society, culture, and generations can be held in this building.

PHL Architects at Indonesian Architecture Week @Seoul 2017



PHL Architects is currently participating in Indonesian Architecture Week @ Seoul exhibition that is located in Cultural Complex Haenghwa Tang from 2nd to 10th September, 2017. The theme of this year’s exhibition is “Architecture and the City: Indonesian Architecture, Responses, Approaches, and Process.” PHL Architects principal, Mr. Hendy Lim, is attending the exhibition to present the Orange Shelter Project.

Orange Shelter, is a project situated in Pontianak, West Kalimantan, Indonesia along the Kapuas River. The project aims to revive the use and dependency of water transportation by creating modular shelters as supporting facilities along the river. The shelters integrate the surrounding water and land environment by providing a common sanctuary space. This project is an example of a small intervention in urban network.