Introduction to the Firm

PHL Architects is an award winning architectural firm with specialisation in sustainable tall buildings, commercial, hospitality, office, leisure and cultural buildings, including urban design.

Since its formation, PHL Architects has won several awards and their works have been published and exhibited in numerous events such as in Tokyo, Hong Kong and The Hague in Netherlands.

Patrick Lim

Patrick Lim was born in 1979 and graduated from University of Tarumanagara in 2001. Later, he was trained at Venice Architectural Association (Italy) in Tall Building Design. He received his first Master Degree in Architecture & Critical Theory at The University of Nottingham (UK) and second Master Degree from Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands) majoring in Materialisation and Design Development with Sustainable Tall Building Design as the main topic.

He was one of the curators for “Indonesian Architecture Public Exhibition 2012” in The Hague held by Indonesian Embassy in Netherlands, IAI-EU and Archicentrum. One of his writing had been presented in the 15th Asian Congress Architects at Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center, 2012.

He is a lecturer in University of Tarumanagara and Pelita Harapan University. Also, he has been invited as speaker in several national-wide events.




Hendy Lim

Hendy Lim was born in 1971 and graduated from University of Trisakti in 1996. After graduated, he practiced in architectural and interior field at Movindo before founding PHL Architects together with Patrick Lim. He has 22 years of experience in the world of architecture with special knowledge of urban planning and design and analyzing the influence of environmental and cultural impacts on buildings and building construction techniques. He is experienced in designing at various scales (exhibitions, buildings, urban) and various project typologies including the design of commercial buildings, hotels, offices, recreation, culture, areas and sustainable high-rise buildings. He gives lectures and design consulting for property management institute and association of exhibition in Indonesia. He is co-founder of Jakarta Architecture Triennale (JAT).






PHL Architects provides a full range of architectural services, from initial concept to project completion. It includes schematic design, design development, presentation, construction working drawing and documentation.

The firm has provided these services to both public and private clients on a wide range of building types, including hotel, apartment, office, educational facilities, health care facilities, showroom, mixed-use / commercial developments, large-scale residential projects, sports and recreational complexes, and trade centres.

The working methods of the firm engender creative interaction between professionals who have mastered the diverse skills and bodies of knowledge necessary to the design and management of large and complex buildings and those who have a special and intimate understanding of the particular institution to be housed.

Architecture Design:

Commercial | Hospitality | Office | Residential | Apartment| Education | Cultural | Leisure | Complex-building / Mix-used

Urban Design / Master Plan

Mix-used development
Single-used development

Sustainable Tall Building


Modification | Intervention | Transformation
The main focus is buildings’ renewal in existing architecture with innovative proposals based on deep researches and analysis on how to reuse and redesign unused / old buildings, building complexes, and the development of landscape and urban structure.

For all phases of redesign process, the value of the entire context is taken into account, which is of vital importance to address   the challenges and face the responsibilities of working on existing built structures.

Particular attention is paid to values regarding architecture, urbanism, construction, interior financial and market niches, related   to architectural history and current questions on sustainability.

M.I.T is a design based on research to intervene, to modify and to transform cities and unused existing buildings into new programmes, form, and life.


The Way We Work

A good project starts with good preparation and planning. Therefore, in doing our expertise we have particular ways of working that sets us apart uniquely in order to produce a successful project.


Every project in PHL Architects starts with research.


Design is the creativity process of discussion development and testing of the idea.


When we design, we intend to be built with high quality and satisfaction.



Cooperation and balancing the needs of every stakeholder in a Project

Function | Safety | Space | Materialization | Sustainability | Aesthetic | Economy