March 2018

Groundbreaking Ceremony of Singkawang Central Park


Singkawang Central Park project has just achieved an exciting milestone this week through a successful groundbreaking ceremony. At that moment, also attended by Mayor of Singkawang, Tjhai Chui Mie and Vice Mayor of Singkawang, Irwan.

Singkawang Central park is a revitalization idea of Gayung Bersambut park which is located in Jl. Firdaus Rais, adjacent with the Great Mosque, facing towards the city hall. Revitalization is driven to strenghten its urban space identity which provides various citizens activity and develop the community.

Various facilities provide on Singkawang Central Park features to support Singkawang creative community. Hence, artspace facilities area provided as the main attraction: art pavilion, gallery, amphiteatre, cafe, mural walls. Moreover, relaxing and sport facilities are provided in the area such as skatepark, basketball court, jogging track, outdoor gym equipments.

Hakka Cultural Center: On Construction


One of our cultural projects, Hakka cultural center has entered the construction stage. Hakka Cultural Center will become a place for various cultural programs and activities that are not limited only to Hakka Chinese community, but to embrace the public from all elements and layers of society

The design of Hakka Cultural Center is an Hakka-Chinese architectural building known as Tulou. Tulou’s literal meaning is “Earth House” as the basic material components of the house are from the earth base, such as soil, rocks, bamboo, and wood. The mixture of the Tulou’s ancient characteristics and modern architecture elements as the basic principles of the design for this cultural project. The use of bricks as a heavy material represents the rich cultural quality of ancient Tulou while glass represents the light and transparent quality of modernity.