August 2017

Batam Mall: Building The Cornerstone

Our project Batam Mall is in the stage of building the cornerstone. Batam Mall is a mixed-use building that is built on top of an old existing building and located at the heart of the city. Designed with an open-space concept and careful selection of materials as well as the choice of activities and creative artwork exhibited, the mall accentuates the spirit of locality. Furthermore, the mall’s focal point is the open alfresco area that located between the new and the old buildings. It is designed for relaxation and comfort, taking into account the proportion and natural extension of space in order to make this area a solace common space for families and friends.

Moulding Ground Floor of Royal Safari Garden

One of our top projects, Royal Safari Garden has started moulding the ground floor.
Royal Safari Garden is located in Puncak, Cisarua – Bogor, one of the popular retreats to escape the stifling, crowded capital, especially Jakarta. Royal Safari Garden is a master plan, consists of commercial area, meeting room, outbound area, with kids playground and birds aviary, also hotel, bungalow and resort. The plans also integrates with ‘Taman Safari’ Zoo. Therefore Royal Safari Garden was designed to have the “Safari Life” environment inside. The project itself is divided into several phases, start from the redesign of the commercial area which has a role as facade, the image and entrance for the whole master plan.

Orange Shelter at Indonesia Architecture Week @ Seoul 2017

We are proud to announce that our current social project, Orange Shelter, will be exhibited in the upcoming Indonesia Architecture Week @Seoul, from 2nd to 10th September, 2017. Indonesia Architecture Week is an annual exhibition promoting Indonesian Architecture. This year the theme is “Architecture and the City: Indonesian Architecture, Responses, Approaches, and Process.”

Orange Shelter is a project located in Pontianak, Indonesia, specifically along the Kapuas River. The project aims to revive the use and dependency of water transportation by creating modular shelters as supporting facilities along the river. The shelters integrate the surrounding water and land environment by providing a common sanctuary space. This project is an example of a small intervention in urban network.