Site : 2125 m2

Building : 5177.53 m2

Height : 8 storey

Location : Palm Hill Estate, Jl. Papandayan - Semarang, Indonesia

Design Year : 2010 - 2011

Construction Year : 2010 - 2013

Program : Kondominium-Hotel (Kondotel), Restaurant, Wedding Chappel, Hall, Pool, Spa


The site is part of a real estate complex and located on a hill. It has a spectacular scenery to valley and city of Semarang. The site is located at the corner of a hill and has a very steep contour. It is quite a narrow site with its irregular shape.

The main idea of this project is to create a hotel with resort theme where every room is expected to have view toward outside and natural ventilation as well as natural lighting. To get better of the steep contour and to avoid the mass is too closed to road, then the strategies are to divide the building into two masses with different level of height from the ground. Then, the texture and material of the facade are also treated in such way to achieve the feeling that the masses are not too big.


In fifth floor, the layout of the front rooms are designed to give  views for the guests in the corridor as well as in the rooms and there is a roof garden for the facility as well.

Moreover, the voids in the corridor provide a connecting space between floors above and below, thus it allows light and air to flow free between floors. It also provides privacy for each of the guest. The units lay-out are part of the facade’s design - in and out, void and solid maximizing the site’s  view to the valley.

Because of the shape of the site, then the facilities are allocated in another part of the site, separated from the room units. As  result, it offers a full privacy to the guest which the facilities are also used for public access too, such as restaurant, and wedding hall. The facilities and the room units have separated entrances.